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Humulin® M3

Human insulin (prb) 30% soluble insulin 70% isophane insulin

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Humulin® is indicated for the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus who require insulin for the maintenance of normal glucose homeostasis.

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Lilly committed to the supply of Humulin M3

"Lilly has no plans to withdraw Humulin M3 from the UK market and will continue to supply Humulin M3 in the UK for at least the next 5 years" (Ian Dane, Senior Director, Lilly Diabetes, 28th July 2010)

Pharmaceutical Form

Humulin® M3 is a sterile suspension of human insulin in the proportion of 30% soluble insulin to 70% isophane insulin.


  • Humulin® M3 (Mixture 3) 100lU/ml suspension for injection in vial
  • Humulin® M3 (Mixture 3) 100lU/ml suspension for injection in cartridge
  • Humulin® M3 (Mixture 3) 100lU/ml suspension for injection in KwikPen


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